We are Epikly. We connect brands with people.

Michel and Valentina met in a classic corporate environment as web designers/developers of the creative team and since then, they have collaborated on many projects together. We’ll leave the corny details aside but they ended up marrying each other 😀

They have founded Epikly to help clients with their needs as their extra income. From office coworkers, to business partners, to life buddies, they soon realized they work and create better while together.

While it was really hard to focus on their own business after office hours and long weekends, they really wanted to make Epikly their full time job, but found themselves lacking motivation. One day they both lost their jobs together with many others and, even with bills to pay and first time feeling truly unemployed, they decided to opt for the harder but happier option: try to launch their business full time and build something that makes them love what they do.

With their story, they hope you can turn your passion into your full time job too. Follow them as their journey unveils and maybe you can relate and support them too! 😃

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